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A Reason For Why It Makes Sense for China to Invest in Hawaii Real Estate...

A ten hour flight. Simple. If you were to make a big investment, wouldn't it make since to be easily accessible, steadily increasing in value and a well sought after investment? And how can Hawaii afford not to pursue these types of aggressive and uber wealthy investors. Think Japan, late eighty's. Look at the value of the properties they bought back then as compared to today.

With all the developments and deals going on in Hawaii right now with Chinese investors. The smart investor would look outside the box. Not just Honolulu for a condo, where 720sf can fetch $1.2m, but beyond the Honolulu lights. How about beach front...?

We are involved right now with a development of 30 single family LUXURY homes on the Leeward side of Oahu. Right now would be a fantastic time to contact us. None of the beach front and ocean front properties are out on the market. Nowhere will it be found than right here. And nonwhere in the islands of Hawaii can you find a 4500sf home, on a private beach on 1 acre for $3.2m. If purchased today, imagine how much the value could be upon completion of the custom home? There's only 30. And what ever isn't pre-sold will be put out there for the wolrd to see and be sold in the blink of the eye. Or somewhere near there. =)

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