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Keep Calm-Keep It Local

You’ve probably seen the “Buy Local, It Matters” campaign on television or signs saying “Buy Local”, but what does that mean and why is it so important?

Buying local means you are supporting another Hawaii family and their farm or business, you’re supporting the local economy, and you’re providing jobs for other local families in your community.

When you buy locally, more of the money you use to support that farm or local company stays in the very same community that you live in. Local small business owners know the importance of supporting those locally in their community and in turn support other small businesses like accountants, photographers, printers and attorneys.

Back in June 2015, we learned just how important this was when KHON2 News ran a story about how Clover Leaf Dairy farmer and owner Ed Boteiho, one of only two dairy farmers left in Hawaii was struggling to keep a 50 year business afloat. He said staying in business is harder than ever when he has to compete with mainland dairy farmers and their prices – something he said means he’ll likely have to let go of loyal employees.

Buying local is often associated with high costs in comparison to the big name brands, but according to a Huffington Post infographic, nearly $68 of every $100 spent locally goes back in to the local economy (vs. $48 for every $100 spent at big box retailers). Money spent within your community generates 3.5x more income for the local community.

When you choose to buy locally, you’re choosing to invest in your community, invest in the local economy, and helping to provide jobs for other residents in your area. Not only are you choosing local, fresh food for your family, you’re helping another family eat for another day by supporting their livelihood. Check out Green List Hawaii.

To learn more about some of the Hawaii families behind the Buy Local campaign, visit the State of Hawaii’s Agricultural Development Division website.

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