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1. DON’T SELL BEFORE THE HOUSE IS READY That is a common seller mistake that many homeowners commit that has always cost them of attractive sale deals. You should always ensure that your home is available for sale before you start advertising it to potential buyers. Making your home ready for sale entails ensuring that all the minor repairs are taken care of, the house is clean and that you have staged it properly. If you cannot afford to pay an expert to do it for you, you can do most of the preparations on your own. Forgetting to do these small repairs may lower your home value or even prevent you from making a sale at all. The importance of doing this is that, if a buyer notices that you have neglected minor repairs like a faulty door knob or a creaking window, they might wonder what other major repairs have not been addressed in the home.

2. DON’T OVER IMPROVE Another mistake that you should steer away from is over-improving your home. When you are making your home ready for sale, you might be tempted to over-improve it in a bid to make it look more attractive to buyers. However, experts advise that you should do it in moderation so as to avoid scaring customers especially if the house is situated in an area where there are many other houses for sale. That is because the other houses in the surrounding might just be moderately enhanced, which will make your stand out. Therefore, buyers will prefer to buy the other houses thinking that they will cost less than yours. It is also a universal rule in the real estate circles that buyers seek to buy an affordable home in a classy neighbourhood.

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