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Hiring an Experienced Professional Saves You Time and Money

Buying or selling a home is a major financial (and emotional) undertaking. Hiring the wrong real estate agent can end up being very costly.

A real estate agent’s full-time job is to act as a liaison between buyers and sellers. This means that he or she will have easy access to all other properties listed by other agents. Both the buyer’s and seller’s agent work full time as real estate agents and they know what needs to be done to get a deal together.

A good real estate agent can negotiate for you and keep you out of the emotional mind field. They can play the bad guy in a transaction, preventing the bad blood between a buyer and seller that can kill a deal. Sellers can reject a contract for any reason, having an experienced realtor that know how to discuss delicate topics, such as horrible color schemes, without offending the sellers is invaluable.

Contracts can be tricky. An experienced real estate agent deals with the same contracts and conditions on a regular basis, and is familiar with which conditions should be used, when they can safely be removed and how to use the contract to protect you, whether you’re buying or selling your home.

Hiring someone with years of experience, such as Josephine Schaaf, will make the process easier and less stressful. Contact Josephine at:

Florida: 727.804.4898 | Hawaii: 808.563.0837

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